The Team

Michelle Romano

Actress, Producer & CEO

Michelle is an Actress, Producer, and Public Relations Manager. As an Actress, Michelle has worked in film, television and commercials. She studied Communications and Theater Arts at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she performed in several staged plays. Her love for the stage landed her in New York City where she performed in several Theater productions, and eventually discovered her passion for film and TV. Michelle can be seen in several National Running Commercials and Print Ads, as well as Independent Films and Feature Films showing on both Coasts. Her latest film, MILWOOD, in which she both starred in and produced has won numerous Awards around the World, including several Best Lead Actress Wins for Romano. Her love for the Entertainment Industry has influenced her to explore all avenues of the business, including Public Relations, Media Marketing, and Producing. She is now working as an Actress, Producer, and Celebrity Reporter in Hollywood.

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Kasey Grenon Potts

On Air Host & Personality

Kasey Grenon Potts is a fresh face with an Appetite to perform. With a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College, Kasey has received the tools she needs to succeed in the media. Her training began at a very young age when she was selected to represent her peers for Radio Disney in Boston as their “Kid Correspondent”. Potts then became host of the nationally syndicated talk show, Kasey’s Korner for six years. The show featured interviews with celebrities including Beyonce Knowles, and Destiny’s Child, Jessica Simpson, Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney, members of the New England Patriots and many more, all before the age of sixteen. Kasey’s primary focus is her online culinary-community, Kasey’s Kitchen where she shows you how to whip up delectable dishes without breaking a sweat and where to dine without breaking the bank. Kasey’s Kitchen is featured on Clear Channel’s The Dish, part of 102.7 KIIS FM, 104.3 MyFM, Hot92 and KOST in Los Angeles. When Kasey’s out of the kitchen she serves as Multimedia Correspondent for Upscale Living Magazine as well as Roman Media.

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Tysha Williams

On Air Host & Project Creative Consultant


Tysha Williams is a shinning star in her own right on the rise. Model, Actress, Dancer and celebrity host/segment producer of Studio 3 Hollywood with a knack for Fashion. Tysha has recently embarked upon gaining her own production company, All Smiles Productions; while simultaneously making her debut into the written word world as a first time Author. This Missouri born and bread, Georgia Fed and now LA manifested women has came a long way from the shy, awkward days as a small town self taught dancer with big dreams and an even bigger heart. Tysha studied theatre and business at Georgia university while also pursuing her Model/Acting and Dancer dreams (MADChik she likes to call it!) which warranted some great experiences and travels including traveling overseas at 18 to Hong Kong. Spinning her wheels in Atlanta she yearned to play in the game. Finally, in her mid twenties she has made her way to where she has always wanted to be, City of Angeles. Now she’s on the fast track juggling productions, auditions, training, and life complete with  extreme sports like surfing, the occasional marathon fix, Philanthropic activities and travel. Tysha loves life now and shows no signs of slowing down. She sees her passions as purpose in life to inspire, uplift and spark change in people, especially woman.

Traci Carr

Creative Director


Traci is a Creative Director for Roman Media. She is 24 years old and has been studying film and theater since the age of 6. She has experience with Casting, Set Location Scouting, Set Design, and working as a Production Assistant. Traci is a wonderful asset to the Roman Media team. She is constantly pushing herself to come up with original and unique ideas that make for incredible film productions.