Roman Media, Inc. to Expand into ROMAN ENTERPRISES at Upcoming Red Carpet Event

Roman Media, Inc. to launch Roman Enterprises

Roman Media, Inc. is celebrating its expansion into Roman Enterprises, and we would love to cordially invite you to join us at our event.


Come Celebrate Roman Media Inc.’s expansion into Roman Enterprises!

Official Red Carpet Launch Party
Wednesday August 6th 2014
Location: EMERALD LOUNGE (Patio), 200 Stuart St, BOSTON, MA
*RSVP for VIP Guest List*

Wardrobe: Cocktail Attire

ROMAN MEDIA, INC was formed in October 2010 initially as a vehicle for Michelle Romano’s Public Relations and Media Projects, but has grown to include a number of films that she has been personally committed to as a Producer. ROMAN MEDIA, INC is now expanding into ROMAN ENTERPRISES and will be taking on several new film productions in New York, Los Angeles and in the New England area.

We will be showcasing the new lipstick shade, ROMAN BEAUTY (named after Michelle Romano, the President/CEO of Roman Media Inc./Roman Enterprises) by LTW Custom Cosmetics. Tagline: “Unleash your Secret Sexy.”
We will be selling the Lipstick at our event, and it will also be available to order online at


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