About Us

ROMAN MEDIA, INC was formed in October 2010 initially as a vehicle for Michelle Romano’s Public Relations and Media Projects, but has grown to include a number of films that she has been personally committed to as a Producer. ROMAN MEDIA is not only dedicated to producing critically recognized films, but purposely seeks projects that have strong commercial viability. The goal for ROMAN MEDIA is to produce films with financial success, critical praise, and maximum exposure within the marketplace.

Originally from Massachusetts, Michelle Romano is an Actress, Producer, and Celebrity Reporter. While attending College at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Michelle studied Theater, Marketing, and Public Relations. She also worked as an On-Air Correspondent for the MGM Studio News 95 Station in Orlando Florida during her internship at the Walt Disney World Resort . After graduating, Michelle began working in the Entertainment Industry in Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles, both in front of the camera as an Actress, Reporter, Spokesmodel, and behind the scenes as a Publicist and Producer. As an Actress, Michelle was cast in several National Commercials and Print Ads, as well as TV shows and Feature Films. After landing a Guest Star role on the final season of THE SOPRANOS, Michelle was asked to work as a Celebrity Hostess for several Charity events, including “Catwalk for a Cure,” where she was later featured in a Fox TV News segment.

Michelle has worked as Media Correspondent at several Film Festivals, including The Boston Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival,The Santa Barbara Film Festival, and the Beverly Hills Film Festival. She has also worked as a Reporter at some of the most prestigious Hollywood Award Shows and Events including the Film Independent Spirit Awards, Golden Globe Gifting Suites, and on the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards. Some of her Celebrity Interviews include Jon Voight, Michelle Williams, Aaron Eckhart, Edward Burns, Sam Rockwell, Gerard Butler, Jack Black, Michelle Monaghan, and Zoe Saldana.